Birds Trapped in Buildings


Since the Fish and Wildlife Services have special regulations regarding the removal of a migratory songbird from the interior of a building or structure, we are providing some information here to help businesses to solve the problem in the best way possible.

Basically, any person may remove a migratory bird (without harm to the bird) under certain conditions:

  • if the bird poses a health threat

  • if the bird is injured

  • if the bird is damaging commercial products or foodstuff

You must capture the bird or birds through a humane method. You may *not* use adhesive traps (such as glue traps) or any other method of capture likely to harm the bird.

You must immediately release a captured bird to the wild in habitat suitable for the species, unless it is exhausted, injured, ill, or orphaned.


If the bird is exhausted ill, injured, or orphaned during the removal, the property owner is responsible for immediately transferring the bird to a federally permitted migratory bird rehabilitator.


You must not lethally take a migratory bird. If your actions cause harm or is likely to cause harm or result in lethal take, you must possess a Federal Migratory Bird Permit.


If an active nest with eggs or nestlings is present, you must seek the assistance of federally permitted migratory bird rehabilitator in removing the eggs or nestlings. The rehabilitator is then responsible for handling them properly.

If you need advice on dealing with a trapped bird, you should contact us or your closest Fish and Wildlife Service office or your State wildlife agency.



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