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  • Never leave an animal in a box outside anyone's door unattended. 

  • Never leave the baby in a box only and assume it is warm. All naked babies need to be warm to the touch until you get them into our hands. This means the baby needs to be in a soft cloth, inside a small box placed on top of a heating pad (set on low). There should be several layers between the heating pad and the baby.​

April through August is peak baby season. When it comes to locating someone to raise baby birds properly for release, it will be difficult because permits are difficult to obtain as well as time and money to do the work. We must all work together to keep the babies in their nests... first by telling tree trimmers, construction folks, yard guys and even neighbors to leave baby bird nests in place - it is a federal law to do so. In the case where someone needs to intervene and take in a baby or babies, please call and let us see what we can do to help. But please keep in mind, Wild Wings Rescue has become more of a source to help people help birds rather than a place to take birds and though we know a couple of people who can help, there are no centers or persons who can take in all the birds that will need help in Memphis. 

Brenda at 678-576-1655 

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Brenda Lajoan

Telephone :  678-576-1655


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