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We operate totally from funds donated by those bringing us a bird, or those who hear about our work and want to support our efforts. Usually, the donated funds covers only half of the cost of supplies and we spend our own money to make sure we have enough food, equipment and medical supplies.


The average cost to rehabilitate each bird is $30. Some birds are much more expensive to raise or treat. For example, three American Woodcock chicks costs, ~$100 each to raise, because they eat thousands of earthworms before being released into their natural habitat - the worms must be organic (from pesticide and fertilizer free soil). Some injuries are extensive and require expensive medications and medical supplies.

During baby season, a couple of volunteers work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, all for free, completely without pay. Our veterinarians donate 100% of their time and charge only for medications. So, every penny donated goes directly to benefit the birds.

We appreciate every donation small and large.

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Brenda Lajoan

Telephone :  678-576-1655


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